The Daily Beast: InterVarsity’s Growing LGBTQ Controversy

I have a new article up at The Daily Beast on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s controversial LGBTQ+ employee policy; employees are not allowed to endorse or affirm LGBTQ+ relationships and remain at IVCF.  InterVarsity’s re-entrenchment of heterosexuality as the only acceptable identity is seen by many of those who are personally invested in their organization as troubling. It may lead to not only their de-recognition by colleges and universities—something they’ve faced in the past—but also the inability to have a table at the annual Society of Biblical Literature.

Check out the piece:

“When InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA endorsed Black Lives Matter last December, it saw racial reconciliation as “an expression of the gospel.” The evangelical student outreach, which has 1,011 chapters on 667 campuses, was both criticized and praised.

A recent controversy over the group’s position on same-sex relationships and how it affects employees, however, shows that any fears of their impending liberal takeover are greatly exaggerated….”

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Photo: Abo Ngalonkulu (CC0).

HuffPost: Study Shows Counterfactual Thinking Increases Faith In God

It’s been almost two years since I last wrote for HuffPost and a little longer for the science section, but I have a piece up this week about an interesting study I recently read. “There But for the Grace of God: Counterfactuals Influence Religious Belief and Images of the Divine” is in this month’s Social Psychological and Personality Science. Want to know more about the research, click to my article at HuffPost below.

In this new study (“There But for the Grace of God: Counterfactuals Influence Religious Belief and Images of the Divine”), published in this month’s Social Psychological and Personality Science, authors Anneke Buffone (University of Pennsylvania), and Shira Gabriel and Michael Poulin (State University of New York at Buffalo), found that religious faith was increased in participants when they were asked to deliberately consider the “it could be worse” scenario.

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The Daily Beast: C. J. Mahaney Returns to T4G Amid Protests

My new piece is up at The Daily Beast (“Pastor Accused of Covering Up Abuse Returns to Spotlight“) and it looks at the uproar over having a controversial minister, C. J. Mahaney, at a large Calvinist-Evangelical conference, known as Together for the Gospel 2016. Mahaney was president of Sovereign Grace Ministries (now Sovereign Grace Churches), which has been the subject of a scandal regarding sexual abuse. The initial civil suit against he (as its then president) and other pastors was dropped due to statute of limitations, but his presence at the conference became the subject of protest this last week.

“I know in this room that C.J. Mahaney has 10,000 friends,” said Albert Mohler Jr. at Together for the Gospel 2016 last week, a Calvinist conference that regularly draws big names and large crowds.

The April 12-14 gathering held at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky, became the focus of controversy when it invited Mahaney, the senior pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Kentucky, to speak. He and other pastoral colleagues have been accused of covering up child sex abuse in their churches. The lawsuit against them was eventually dismissed on a technicality.

Maybe the irony wasn’t lost on Together for the Gospel organizers and attendees, that a conference whose 2016 theme was to celebrate the “Protest” in “Protestants” was itself under protest.

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