Writing Updates: Yup, I’m still alive.

Several months back I got busy and dropped posting to this blog. I went on a hiking vacation out West, and finished writing a book on science and religion. You wouldn’t know if from my blog, but other things—articles and interviews—did happen.

Here’s a few of them.

The Daily Beast

  • Is There a Christian Double Standard on Religious Violence?
    Nearly 80 percent of Christians don’t think a terrorist acting in the name of Christianity is Christian. But more than half say terrorists acting in the name of Islam are Muslims.
  • Will Islam Inherit the Earth?
    Fueling the hysteria on the part of politicians like Steve King and Geert Wilders, a blockbuster new report details how a lack of Christian fecundity may leave the earth to others.

The Huffington Post


  • Seminary Professor Handles the Guilt of Non-Belief
    My interview at “Rational Doubt: With Voices from the Clergy Project”
  • Podcast: Sparemin
    Was interviewed in June for Matt DeMello’s Sparemin podcast, but for the moment, none of their interview links appear to be working. May update later.


  • My Daily Beast piece “What It’s Like to Be Black and Atheist” to be in Free Thought Today’s August print magazine. I don’t think this will be online too, but if the link leads to the original article.

I have another piece coming out soon in The Daily Beast on atheism and morality, which I will post about later.

  • Glad to hear about your projects – and of course, your ongoing survival as well! 🙂

  • Thanks. The ongoing survival definitely is the most important part. 🙂