HuffPost: New Survey of Protestant Pastors Shows Rejection of Human Evolution

My newest piece (“New Survey of Protestant Pastors Shows Rejection of Human Evolution”) is up at The Huffington Post. In this I look at a recent survey by Lifeway on Protestant pastors and evolution, particularly focusing on evangelical reaction against evolution in general, which is the strongest among Protestants. I also try to explain why evangelicals have the reaction they do and what some are doing about it.

“In a new survey of American Protestant pastors byLifeway, 73 percent of ministers disagree with the statement “I believe God used evolution to create people.” Of that large number, 64 percent strongly disagreed. As you might expect, the numbers were close to the same for the question, “I believe Adam and Eve were literal people,” with 74 percent strongly agreeing and only 1 percent not sure.” Read the full article at The Huffington Post.